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Inspite of so much diversity in the living organism with regard to struture ,function,habit,etc. It is a universal princpal of biology that all living organisms the tiniest to the large are composed of small compartments called cells.The cells and are invisablee cells are very small in size and are invisable to the unaided eyes that is why cells were discoved only after the invention of microscope. In 1838 a german batanist, M.J schwam and in 1839 a German zoologist theodor schwam after stydying atydying plants and animals independently put farwad a theory called the cell thory . Schultze in 1861 proposed the portoplant Doctrinr which states that all living substance called protplant.To prepare tempory mount of epidermal perl from onion ,cut an onion intro four piecrs longitudially remove one thick scale from one of the quarters.To see the grass structur of a cell to see the finer datails,focus it under high power of compound microscop.These structures cell look similar to each other

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